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We have been creating our strategies since 2007 on the basis of products offered by the Investment Fund Companies cooperating with us, which manage several hundred global investment solutions.


Our partners confirm common long-term goals of cooperation with clients both on the domestic and international market.


TFI PZU SA – in terms of the value of managed assets, it is one of the largest investment fund companies in Poland, operating since 1999. As part of PZU FIO Parasolowy, it offers fifteen sub-funds with different risk and investment policy, and additionally the unique strategy of PZU Sejf+ with Capital Protection.

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TFI Allianz Polska SA

TFI Allianz Polska SA – has been operating in Poland since 2003, offering 29 open-ended investment funds under two umbrellas – domestic, oriented to the Polish market, and foreign, giving exposure practically all over the world, but without bearing the exchange rate risk.

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Franklin Templeton Investment Funds

Franklin Templeton Investment Funds – has been operating since 1947. It offers several hundred Luxembourg solutions available to Polish clients – 23 funds available in PLN covering various asset classes and a huge geographical range, 46 funds in USD – practically all possible markets and asset classes, 59 funds in EUR and 4 in CHF, i.e. 132 solutions

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Templeton Asset Management Poland TFI SA

Templeton Asset Management Poland TFI SA – an umbrella of 3 funds with different investment strategies oriented to the domestic market, managed by Polish managers.

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Investors TFI SA

Investors TFI SA – one of the oldest independent national fund management companies. It offers over 20 different strategies, including foreign investments available in Polish currency.

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Skarbiec TFI SA

Skarbiec TFI SA – established in 1997 as the fifth investment fund company in Poland, it manages 50 open-end funds investing practically all over the world and every available class of assets in Polish currency.

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Ipopema TFI SA

Ipopema TFI SA – was established in 2007 and today is one of the largest investment fund companies in Poland. It offers 14 open-ended investment-oriented funds all over the world.

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Superfund TFI SA

Superfund TFI SA – specializes in investments with unique strategies. Classic ways of investing are supported by automated trading systems.

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