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Long-term success is our commitment.

Cooperation with the Finance Navigator advisor consists in choosing the right personalized strategy from among hundreds of solutions available on the market and careful monitoring of it. Investments like peace, and peace of mind is provided by precise knowledge about the instrument in which to invest and full orientation in the possibilities that this instrument creates. Peace of mind gives you awareness of all possible scenarios and methods of minimizing the risk by choosing only those solutions that are transparent and understandable.

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Effective investing of financial surpluses or building capital with the future of ours or our loved ones in mind is the goal we help to achieve. We have been doing it since 2007 as part of the Finance Navigator offer, from the beginning of the capital market in Poland, as part of banking structures and independent companies, from which specialists in a wide range of finance are recruited.


Finance Navigator opens up opportunities for investing in stocks, bonds, gold, currencies, real estate and art.

Finance Navigator Sp. z o.o. has been authorized by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority since 2008 to act as an intermediary in the sale and redemption of participation units in open-end investment funds and specialized open-end investment funds and participation titles in foreign funds (decision no. DPF / 4031/11/8 / U / 07/08 / AS of January 29, 2008).


Reliability is the main feature of our company.

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority supervises the activities of Finance Navigator Sp. z o.o. , which is regulated in the Act of 27 May 2004 on investment funds and management of alternative investment funds (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2016, item 1896 as amended)



Our partners confirm common long-term goals of cooperation with clients both on the domestic and international market.

The free investment advisory service in the field of units and participation titles allows for the proper selection of an appropriate investment policy, tailored to the needs of a specific client. The choice of the Investment Fund Societies cooperating with us is not a coincidence. It results from several decades of experience, close cooperation and mutual trust. This is particularly important in the work of an intermediary that we are, who in contacts with financial institutions primarily represents the client's interest.


Marek Chacewicz

Marek Chacewicz

Chief Executive Officer

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, major in Finance and Accounting. In 2011, he completed postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, majoring in Methods of Capital Company Valuation. He obtained the Executive MBA title in 2016 at the French Institute of Management. Database and application development specialist – a graduate of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. He has been associated with the capital market since 2008, when he started working for Private Wealth Consulting Sp. z o.o. Initially employed as an Operations Specialist, then as an Operations Director and Member of the Management Board of the company. Since 2016, he has been associated with the Niezalezny Dom Maklerski S.A. where he was the Director of the Offer and Corporate Advisory Office. To the Management Board of Finance Navigator established in October 2020. Has a securities broker license with the authorization to perform investment advisory activities (No. 3251 on The Polish Financial Supervision Authority list).

Jolanta Kwaśniewska

Jolanta Kwaśniewska


Graduate of the University of Mikołaj Kopernik in Toruń, Faculty of Law and Administration. Associated with the financial market since 1985. Long-term employee of Bank Handlowy in Warsaw – Senior Director of the CitiGold Network. Since 2015, she has been associated with Private Wealth Consulting Sp. z o.o. where she was the Regional Director. To the board of Private Wealth Consulting Sp. z o.o. appointed in December 2019. Member of the Management Board of Niezalezny Dom Maklerski S.A. In the Management Board of Finance Navigator Sp. z o.o. from August 2021, responsible for the development of the sales network.

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